Lit Unit 2: Poetry Across Time



Summer Term
Main Project: Poetry Across Time
You will have already explored some of the poems from the ‘Conflict’ cluster in your Literature anthologies.  We will be revising and comparing the different character, voices and themes present within these poems.

Additionally, we will also be developing our analysis skills and our ability to approach unseen poems for Section B of the Unit 2 Literature Exam: Poetry Across Time.

Assessment Focus:
Literature Unit 2 Examination: Poetry Across Time – June
1 Hour 15mins 35% of your total GCSE English Literature
Section A: ‘Conflict’ Poems taken from the Anthology – 45 Minutes (34 Marks – 23% of final GCSE)
Section B: Analysis of Unseen Poetry- 30 Minutes (18 Marks – 12% of final GCSE)

You will analyse ideas, themes, voices, issues and language devices in both seen and unseen poetry.

You will be given many opportunities throughout the year to practise exam papers and develop your examination technique.

Thinking Focus and Extension:
Veracity and Representation in Modern Media:The programme of learning in relation to reading and producing non-fiction texts will look at the sophistication in modern advertising and media in its effort to seduce, misdirect and control its consumer. A wide range of critical articles and spoof advertisements will allow the students to deconstruct what they see in the media around them and reveal the publisher’s true intentions.

The creation of highly sophisticated texts in the non-fiction genre (investigative journalism, political speeches and rhetoric, analytical treatises) to communicate ideas and issues vital to contemporary society and delivered though the students’ individual blogging mechanisms.

Wider Reading:
You should be reading poetry that challenges and engages you on a regular basis.  We will be discussing where you can find this poetry and how you may access it.

You should also investigating and analysing non-fiction texts from a range of sources.




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