Lit Unit 1: Exploring Modern Texts

AICWinter Term
Main Project:
Exploring Modern Texts – Section A – An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley
he Birling family are rich, pampered and complacent. It is 1912, and the shadow of the impending war has yet to fall across their lives. As they sit down to dinner one night, celebrating the engagement of the eldest child, Sheila, to prosperous business man Gerald, a knock at the door announces the arrival of a visitor who will change their lives forever. The visitor is a police inspector, who announces he is investigating the suspicious death of a young woman. As he questions each member of the family, years of secrets and lies are revealed, and the family soon find themselves wondering who the mysterious inspector really is – and how he knows so much about them.

Assessment Focus:
Literature Unit 1 Examination: Exploring Modern Texts – June
1 Hour 30mins – 40% of your total GCSE English Literature (68 Marks)
Section A Modern Prose: An Inspector Calls – 45 Minutes (34 Marks – 20% of final GCSE)
Section B Exploring Cultures: Of Mice and Men  – 45 Minutes (34 Marks – 20% of final GCSE)

You will be assessed on your understanding and analysis of themes and issues; characterisation and the setting of the chosen texts.

You will be given many opportunities throughout the year to practise exam papers and develop your examination technique.

Thinking Focus and Extension:
Moral Dilemma, Social Responsibility and Debate:
We will explore Priestley’s creation of the play in reflection of its socio-historical context and the establishment of the welfare state.
Critical Theory: we will explore the genre of the well made play, dramatic irony and authorial intent.

We will be watching a modern adaptation of the play and comparing how the play has developed from the medium of stage drama to film.

Non-Fiction Reading, Speaking and Listening:
In preparation for the English Unit 1 examination, we will be looking at many non-fiction texts (newspaper articles, leaflets, web-articles and posters) to develop our skills of analysis and reading.  Additionally, this will help to inform our understanding of the social/historical context of the play.

Wider Reading:
You may choose to research social responsibility, the well made play and  JB Priestley.

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