Today’s Non-Fiction Revision Activities – One Day To Go!

You should aim to choose from one of the revision activities below.  Each activity should take you between 20-30 minutes to complete:

Non-Fiction Reading Read article below at least three times (five minutes).


What next:

Highlight and label five quotations that explore how the writer feels about ‘casual sexism’.

Copy out five sentences that you feel are effective.  Why are they effective?  How does the use of language devices make these sentences stronger?  What sentence structures are they?  Why is this important?

Get to know the paper Follow this link to look at the past papers on the AQA website.  You should find out:

How long is paper (hours and minutes)?

How many sections are there to the paper?

How many question will you have to answer for each section?

How long should you spend reading and writing?

Which question do you feel is the most challenging?  Why?

Writing Complete three of the four tasks below:

Find five lines from a song that could be quite effective in a piece of writing.


Write a paragraph where the opening word of each sentence is the same as the last word in the previous sentence.


Pick a book of the shelf and find five lines or phrases that you wish you had written.


Describe your greatest triumph in one paragraph.  Make every word and sentence  count.

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